Cut Off Saw Build

First Cut

Looking at what Parts I have

Milling the Swinging Plate Square

Fly Cut Bar Stock

Start the Bearing Blocks

Bearing Blocks Done

Milling the Swing Plate

Drill and Tape Holes for Bearing Blocks

Bearing Blocks Mounted

Lay out Swing Plate

Cut and Test Shaft

Started Hinge Blocks on the Back of Swinging Plate

Drill and Tap

Test For Clearance

Take the Corner Off

Hinges Mounted, Now The Vice

Vice Parts

Vice Mounted

Made Handel For the Vice

Stared Pulleys

More Work on Pulleys

Pulley on Motor

Pulley on Shaft and test Motor Placement

Key Way and Set Screw in Shaft Pulley

Start Motor Plate

Test Motor Plate

Motor Mount Clamps Pinned Together,  Milling The Same

Boring Holes For Motor in the Clamps

Cutting Clams Out on Band Saw


Sand to the Line

Motor Plate and Clamps Mounted


Stared Washers For Blade and Shaft


Finished Washers

Compression Ring

Blade Now Really Mounted Now,  Mark for Slot

Mill Slot For Blade


First Sparks

Need Spark Deflector to Keep Hinge Clean

Spark Deflector Mounted

Stared Blade Guard

Blade Guard Plate Mounted

Top Cover Mounted


Blade Guard Finished

Switch Plate

Plate Mounted

Saw Finished