Repair Spline Sleeves
Enco Mill Repair
Clean Shop
Enco Mill Repair
Turn on mill and set the speed to fastest speed.
Disconnect Power.
Remove DRO display.
Remove power direction switch from mill head.
Remove Phase Converter.
Remove Hand crank for boring feed.
Loose nuts on front of mill head and tilt to left 90 degrees.
Tighten nuts.
Remove bottom motor pulley cover, 3 screws. 

Enco Mill Repair
Mount Spring Compressor
Enco Mill Repair
Set screws all the way in.  Set spindle break. Remove 17mm bolt.
Enco Mill Repair
Back T Nuts on spring compressor all the way out.
Enco Mill Repair
With fingers compress spring and move large washer to bottom.
Remove washer through bottom.  Put spring back over two bolts.
Remove spring compressor 3 screws.

Enco Mill Repair
Home made spring compressor.
Enco Mill Repair
Remove motor.
Enco Mill Repair
Remove Speed control face plate.   Unbolt 2 Screws on right.
Enco Mill Repair
Unscrew 3 cap screw holding top bearing plate, use 3 screws to press
through plate and remove plate and bearing.  Remove 2 screws holding
Speed control square block in pressure bar.

Enco Mill Repair
Remove Inspection plates.  Remove 5 bolts in top case head.
Tap with rubber hammer to remove.
Enco Mill Repair
 Clean Pulley, Clean groves inside pulley.
Enco Mill Repair 

Clean splines on motor shaft.  De Bur.  Chamfer sides and top of
splines on Motor shaft and Both steps on Spindle shaft splines.
Enco Mill Repair
Plastic Inserts for Splines, over $4.00 each you need 24.
Be careful.  With sharp exacto blade chamfer inside edges
of both ends.
Enco Mill Repair
Replace Plastic sleeves, notches go into groves on inside of the pulley.
Replace spindle pulley on spindle.
Put belt over pulley.
Replace Top casting.
Replace square block in pressure bar.
Put motor pulley inside Top Casting behind belt.
Enco Mill Repair
Use knee to raise motor.
From right side, or bottom of head, put bottom motor
pulley on motor shaft.
Move motor into position and bolt on.
Mount Spring Compressor and compress spring.
Re mount motor pulley spring washer bolt.
Remove spring compressor.
 Replace bottom cover.
Tilt head.
Tighten Head Bolts.
Holy Cow!