Finished Lathe Picture 

$48.00 Scrap Aluminum Channel  10x3.5

Cutting off the Bed

Parts Stacked Up to See What is Next

Mill off Ends

Sand the Paint off

Again What is Next, Found a bench at Scrap Yard

With Two Big Drawers

Need to make tooling, 23" Straight Edge

Making 23" V Block

Set Up to Start V Shape Ways for Carriage and Head Stock

Cutting the Ways

Finished Way Shape

First Way Installed in Slot

V Way and Flat Way Installed

Cleaned Carriage and Apron I got on E bay

Set Up to Mill 5/16 Off  Carriage Back Clamp Pads

Back to V Ways

More Work on V Ways

Drill Holes in V Ways

Drill and Tap Hole in Bed For V Ways

Milled Slot For Front V Way for the Carriage

Admiring my work so far

Made Apron Adapter Plate

Drilled and Tapped Holes in Carriage for Back Clamp

Milled Back Clamp Part

Back Clamp Part with Brass Friction Bar

Drilling Back Clamp Part

Checking Parts for Back Clamp

Back Clamp Finished

Admiring my work again

Made Cutter to make Rack for Carriage

Testing Cutter, Not Right

Machining Brass Scrap For Rack

Reground Cutter, Made Rack

Rack Installed on Bed

Cutting More Channel for Motor Mount and Pulley Transmission

Machining Channel For Motor Mount and Pulley Transmission

Set Up To See, Not Right Yet

Reworked the Top of Motor Mount

Started Hinges For Motor Mount

Hinges Done, Motor Mounted and Paint removed from Motor Mount

Had to take the Spindle out of the Head Stock to to put the V Belt on and
check the Bearing Height for the Transmission.  So instead of putting it back
together, I decided to Clean and Paint it,  Saving time to take it apart again.

Head Stock  Painted and back together

Stet Up to Bore Holes for Bearings

Bored Holes

Bearings Pressed In,  Bigger than Needed but I had them.  Motor and Transmission Channel Done

Made Bushings for Bearings

Broached all the Pulleys, Threaded and put Key Ways in Transmission Shaft

Drilled and Tapped Holes in Motor Mount

Made Parts for Belt Tensioner and Installed

Cleaned and Painted Carriage and Installed

Cleaned, Painted and Installed Tail Turret

Mounted Motor

Motor Belt Tensioner Started

Finished Motor Belt Tensioner

Wired Motor.  Made Chips!  

Worked on Chip/Splash Guard for Motor Air Intake Fan

More Work on Chip Guard, Mounting Bars Installed and Hole for Cross Slide Removal

Back Side of Chip Guard

99%  Done

Head Stock and Transmission

Carriage and Turret

View from Tail

View from Back Side

View from Head End


Nose View

99% Finished Lathe Rebuild

45 Days Straight,  312 Hours and $474.00 

Stared   1/26/2022 - Finished 3/12/2022