Pacing Beads

To establish your pace, measure out 100 meters or 328 feet.  We count meters because the grid squares on the map
 are 1000 meters.  Now walk in a normal walk counting every time one of your feet hits the ground, the right foot or left foot. 
Walk the distance and keep the count.  Mine is 66 paces. Walk the return and thne average the two. 
If you have a great difference do it again.Then divide your number into 100.  My Number is 66, 100/66= 1.51
meters per pace, this is my  number. You should memorize your number or write it on the bottom of your compass. 
You can count meters or paces with your beads, every time I make 66 paces, I pull down one of the nine bottom beads for 100 meters. 
If need be when you have paced 1000 meters pull down one of the top beads and push the nine up to start your next count. 

How to make Pacing Beads
Materials for Pacing BeadsStart Threading the Beads
38" Para cord and 14 beads.   Remove inner strands. Fold in half Para cord and inner strand, loop together
and use strand to thread beads on para cord.

Thread all beadsOver hand knot
Thread all of the beads.  Place a 1.5" loop at the top with overhand knot.  Separate botton 9 beads. 
Another knot between the two groups,  leave enough room to move beads.  Finish bottom with a overhand knot.

Pacing beads
Place on the front of your packs shoulder strap, place a whistle on the bottom. 
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