Rotary Table

Pieces Placed for Ideas

Side Feet Bolted On

Making The Crank Wheel

Crank Wheel turned and Dial Band Pressed On

Crank Handle Made and Key Way Broached,
Hole drilled and Tapped for Set Screw

Planning The Threaded Drive Adapter

Turning the Threaded Drive Adapter

Start of Threading


Key way Broached

Face Plate Mounted

Rotary Table Needs a Break.  
Made Wooden Pattern to Sand Cast the Part Before Machining

Rough Machined Casting

Hole Cut So I could indicate the Shaft and then Bore the Hole

Shaft Indicated

Break Plate Bored and Threaded Drive Adapter Fits

Set Up to Drill and Tap Holes for Break Plate

Break Done

Crank Dial Pointer Done.  Rotary Table finished.  
The Threaded Drive Adapter fits the chucks for the Lathe and the Face Plate.