Tallow and Lye

Tools and materials
Tallow is melted and Lye and Water joined
Melted Tallow and Lye water joined and mixed
After 45-60 minutes in crock pot put into mold
After 24 hours cut into bars

All Measurements by weight
For 5% or less remaining Fat
Multiply weight of Tallow by .133 for weight of LYE.
Multiply weight of Tallow by .38 for weight of WATER.

                            1.  Melt Tallow in Crock Pot.
                            2.  Pour Lye into Water  (be careful wear protective equipment)
                            3.  Pour Lye Water into Melted Tallow
                            4.  Mix until like pudding  10-15 minutes
                            5.  Cook in covered Crock Pot 45-60  minutes
                            6. Taste Test, if it stings tongue cook more, if tastes like soap it is done
                            7.  Let cool a bit and add scents now
                            8.  Pour into Mold
                            9.  Let cool 24 hours
                          10.  Cut  into  Bars

        Harder Soap
        Lye - Sodium Hydroxide,  Caustic Soda,  Red Devil Lye,  
        Roebec Laboratoroes
        Ph 13 extemely Alkaline

        Softer Soap: Add Small amount of salt to make harder
        Potasium Hydroxide, Washing Soda

        Wood Ashes:  Potasium Hydroxide
            Pour rain water over ashes
            Collect Strained water
            Check Specific Gravity with Egg or Patato, just top out of  lye water