Multi Fuel Can Stove

Here is how to build a Can Stove that will burn Wood, Trioxane or Sterno.
Can Stove MaterialsMulti Fuel Can Stove Tools
                                      4" Can, coat hanger and smaller lid.               Can Opener, Pliers, Ice Pick, Hammer, Shears, Pen, Wood scrap.

Mark the canCut side with can opener
                                  Wood hole is 2.5" wide and 1.5" tall.  Lines at .5" from the top and at the top of the arch.   Cut side of can with can opener.

Cut with shearsMake wire supports
Cut with shears, start with a slit up the middle then trim the arch.         Bend coat hanger as shown,  should hold the pot .5" above the top of the can.

Mark holesPunch holes
Bend a bail as shown to hold the lid and mark the can.                  Punch holes with ice pick using wood on the inside for support. 

Mark the lidPunch holes
                                                         Use the Bail to mark the holes for trioxane and where to bend the lid.                Punch the holes with the Ice Pick.  Bend sides.

                                                                               Ready for Trioxane fuel.                                                                   Steno sets on the lower platform.

Three Fuel Stove
Ready to go!  Three Fuel Stove.
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