What's In your Pocket
What's In Your Pocket

You should have signaling device like a whistle and a flashlight.  Also a knife and at least three ways to

make a fire, a lighter, matches and a flint.  A bandana and something to eat like hard candy or power bar. 

These things are not to be confused with what is in your hasty pack!  These are for your pocket and are to be duplicated
 in your hasty pack.  These Items are not picked at random, these are essentials to your survival.  Your ability to communicate for
 a long period of time is enhanced with the whistle.   Keeping warm with a fire is life itself.  Seeing in the dark for short intervals
 can mean the difference between life and death.  Pick your items for your pocket carefully and know how to use them!
The list shown from Bottom Right Clockwise are:
Electric (not flint)Lighter,  Screwdiver, P38, Knife, Ferocerium Flint, Pitchwood stick, Match case, Sterno case,
Fint striker, Whistle-compass-magnifying glass, Flash light, Whistle, Fire starter material case.
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