Air, Heat and Fuel

Ignition and First Flame
Sources of fire
Matches and Case, Lighter, Flint, Magnifying Glass
Waxed Cardboard, Waxed Linen, Trioxane, Charcoal

romove a match
Remove a match and close the cover.

strike a match
Strike the match on the prepared surface.

Fire !
linghting the match
Protect the flame!

Cup your hands.
cup your hands
A match can be blown out easily.

Waxed Cardboard
waxed cardboard
A durable match or flame.
1 x 3 inches of waxed cardboard burns 5 minutes.

Magnifying Glass
magnifying glass
Back to the sun and Focus light on charcoal.

It only takes a moment to ignite.
focus light

Blow on the Charcoal and it will
Glow at over 1200 degrees.
Glowing charcoal

Sources for Charcoal in the field.
old camp firelightning strike tree
    Old camp Fire                   Lightning Strike tree

Press into the tinder and  Blow
press and blow
The tinder will make a sound before it lights
it will start to flutter.

From tinder that can go out easily, light a
tinder lights waxed linen
durable match like Waxed linen.

The durable match can light your Fire.
fire stared by durable match

  Ferocerium Fire Starter

Scrape steel on the Flint to shower Sparks
shower of sparks

Sparks ignite Trioxane or Sterno quickly.
trioaxane ignited
Place trioxane in tinder and small sticks.

Build your fire a few sticks at a time.
stick fire

barkhollow log
Bark pile near a dead tree or a hollow stump are sources for tinder.

Pitchtree knots
Pitch makes a hot fire and knots burn
even in the wettest winter.

Safe and Reflective
reflective rock
Pick your spot to reflect the heat.

Add Rocks for shelter
wind screen
A wind screen helps.

Nice and Clean Space
clean and safe
A clean and safe place to sit helps.

fire started

More Smoke
fire smoking
Don't play with it, let it burn.


Can Stove
tincan stove

Home Made Stove
home made stove
Small stoves save fuel and work.

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