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Usnea is a Lichen.  It is the result of a symbiotic relationship between an algae and
a fungi.  Usnea is very important for you to know.  It can save your life.
You can use it as a topical solution or you can drink it. It is bitter.
It is a real remedy for Strep throat, Pneumonia, Ring worm,
to name a few, it has been used for centuries.  It can be used as a compress.
It grows in the forested areas of North America.  Commonly called "Old Man's Beard".
You can identify Usnea easily by pulling the main stem apart, there you will
find a white elastic cord.  If it does not have the cord it is not Usnea.
Use about a golf ball size hand full to a couple of cups of water, boil for
a few minutes.  You can add Oregano Blossoms and Rosemary. 


Stone Crop


this Succulent and put on Cuts, Scrapes and Insect bites.
Stops the sting!

Poison Oak
You can change the way you respond to poison oak. 
At the grocery store buy:
NOT powdered pectin. 
Take one tablespoon a day until the first pouch is finished.
Save the second for when you get poison oak.
If you get poison oak take the pectin.  It will change how
you respond to it.  You still need to be careful and not roll in
poison oak.  This will save you money and from being uncomfortable.


ripe elderberrieselderberrie blossoms
Elderberries can be used to ward off the effects of influenza.  You can make
a syrup with the berries or a tincture from the flowers.  A couple of tablespoons
of syrup a day when you have a cold or the flu makes a difference.  Or use 5 to
7 drops of tincture in a glass of water twice a day.

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