James McNutt  SR50

Baking    See how to bake muffins in the field.

This is to give you some ideas.  You need 11 to 13 calories per pound per day.
If you weigh 150 lbs and you do not want to lose weight then you need about
13 X  150 = 1950 a day.

There are many items you can find in the grocery store that are very good in
your pack and do not have to cost an arm and a leg.  The commercial Back packing
foods are not to my liking (taste wise) and seem to cost a great deal for what you
get.  So here is a list of things that keep well for months and will keep you
going for days.

Instant oatmeal packs
Instant Coffee/Tea/Cocoa/Bullion
Powder Protein Drinks (mix with dry milk 50/50 for pack)
Granola Bars (Oats and Honey) Not candy bars
Fig Newton's
Box of Raisins
Tuna in the bag
Cheese and Crackers lunch packs
Peanut Butter Crackers lunch packs
Peanut Butter in squeeze tube
Ramen Noodles
Cup of Soup

You want to keep it simple.  Boil water.  Dinner.  With some planning you will come up with a menu plan that will
give you what you need for a few dollars a day. Your food should not weigh over 1 pound a day.  You should remember
this is not car camping.  We are not looking for steak and mashed potatoes.  Let me tell you one thing for sure, you cannot take
too much cocoa!  Nothing will make you feel better at the end of the day when you have time to sit and reflect on
your days events than a cup of cocoa.  This is a sample of what you can do at the grocery store.

Hot coffee and cocoa                150
2 instant Oatmeal                       400

Fig Newton                                  200
Granola bar (oats and honey)        180
Box raisins                                    130

Cup of Soup                                    300
Coffee and cocoa                            150
Packaged fish, chicken or beaf         200
Cocoa  (later)                                  150
Cheese and Crackers (later)             190
                                                        990 + 510 + 550 = 2050

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