Top Bar Bee Hives/Swarm Traps and Bees
First Cut Out of a Wild Hive 4/21/2011
First Trapped Bees  6/15/2011
Trapped Bees 05/16/2012
Swarm 06/02/2012
Swarm 06/16/2012
How I process Wax and Honey






Top Bar Bee Hive Plans
Hive Plans

Swarn Trap
Three traps to catch a swarm, hopefully.
All dressed up and no where to go.

wax tool wax tool
Wax tool for putting wax on top bars.
waxed top bar
Peak is waxed to encorage bees to build comb there.

Bee Trap
First Trap Up Spring 2011

Bee Vac
Bee Vacuum being made.

Bee Vacuum Bee Vacuum
Bees are trapped inside inner chamber, till dumped into Hive.

Top bar holder Top Bar Holder
This holder helps me put cut out comb on the top bars.

Bee Tracking Box
Bee Tracking Box, used to find wild hive.

Top Bar Hive Floating Feeder
Feeder is coated with bees wax, holes go through.